Ivy Leadership Summit // XVII

Princeton University on November 11, 2017
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Welcome to the premiere Entrepreneurship Conference in the Ivy League.

Are you a founder? A dreamer? Or someone who wants to learn to seize opportunity and lead?

Come learn practical leadership skills from those who've mastered them—top minds in entrepreneurship, business, and venture capital.

  • Meet Top Founders and CEOs

    Excellent opportunity to network, to learn, and to ask unfiltered questions of those who have clawed their way to success.

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  • Connect with Other Students

    Top entrepreneurs and builders from all over the Ivy League will be in one place for one weekend. Don't miss it.

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  • Learn Things That Matter

    We won't waste your time with fluff. ILS is packed with fantastic speakers and workshops that will reshape how you approach the world.

Meet the Lineup

This year's speaker lineup includes some all-star names in tech, the startup space, and entrepreneurial scholarship. Keep checking in—we're adding new names every week!

Andrew Yang

Co-Founder and CEO Emeritus of Venture for America

Andrew Yang is the founder and CEO of Venture for America, a New York City-based nonprofit organization focused on placing top-college graduates in startups for two years in emerging U.S. cities to generate job growth and train the next generation of entrepreneurs.

He is also the author of Smart People Should Build Things.

Dan Levin

COO Emeritus of Box

Formerly Box’s President and Chief Operating Officer, member of Box’s board of directors.

Previously, Mr. Levin served as an advisor to various technology start-ups, held various executive roles at Intuit Inc., a business and financial management solutions company, including Vice President and General Manager of Healthcare and Senior Vice President and General Manager of Intuit’s Small Business Group.

Kat Vorotova

Co-Founder and CEO of Try the World

Passionate about food and travel, Ms. Vorotova co-founded Try the World—an online destination for affordable quality food. By cutting out middlemen, Try The World acts as importer, distributor and innovative e-retailer of delicious, healthy, and authentic foods from around the world.

Prior to Try the World, Vorotova had extensive experience in strategy consulting, corporate finance, and business development.

Mitchell Hashimoto

Founder and CEO of HashiCorp

Mr. Hashimoto has been creating and contributing to open source software for almost a decade. He is the founder of HashiCorp, a company whose goal is to make the best DevOps tools in the world, including Vagrant.

A serial entrepreneur, Hashimoto launched his first tech startup at 12. While getting his bachelor's degree, he made revenues of over $500,000 per year.

Angela Byun

Senior Director of International Development and Strategy at Condé Nast

Angela Byun is the Head of International Strategy and Development for Golf Digest and is responsible for all international revenue streams including print, digital, video and brand extensions. GD is the #1 distributed sports publication in the world reaching over 30M+ golfers internationally in 18 languages.

Her first job out of law school was with Napster.

John Danner

Co-Author of Built for Growth

John Danner is the Co-Author of Built for Growth, a Wall Street Journal Bestseller.

Mr. Danner is an accomplished professor at both Princeton and UC Berkeley. He also advises Fortune 500 companies as well as startups in fields as diverse as healthcare, energy, finance, enterprise services, technology, and consumer products. Danner anchors executive education programs on five continents.

Dr. Shahram Hejazi

Venture Partner at BioAdvance

Dr. Shahram Hejazi is a life science investor and entrepreneur with general management experience in both early-stage ventures and large global companies. As a Venture Partner with BioAdvance, he is responsible for investments in research tools, devices, diagnostics and health IT.

Previously, Dr. Hejazi was the President of Kodak’s life science division responsible for global R&D.

Genevieve Ryan

Founder and CEO of Real World Playbook

Genevieve holds an MBA and JD from Georgetown and graduated from Princeton in 2011. She worked for a venture firm and for Goldman Sachs before leaving to start her own company.

Real World Playbook provides customized and actionable guidance and structure for navigating the transition between school and the working world.

Brooks Powell

Founder and CEO of Thrive+

Brooks is the founder of Thrive+ Health—an alcohol-related health company with patented CPG products designed to reduce the negative effects of alcohol. Their main product line, Thrive+®, comes primarily in capsule form and is taken after drinking/before bed. Through the way that Thrive+® can mitigate hangovers... it also can lessen tolerance build up to alcohol and reduce alcohol addiction. Brooks started Thrive+ Health immediately after graduating from Princeton in 2017.

Danielle Cohen-Shohet

Founder and CEO of Gloss Genius

Danielle is the founder of Gloss Genius—a platform for professional makeup artists to manage their schedules, payments, and client community. Danielle is a TechStars NYC ’15 alumnus, web/mobile programmer, former analyst at Goldman Sachs, founder of Rili receipt tech, and graduate of Princeton in 2012 summa cum laude.

Bouchra Ezzahraoui

Founder of AUrate

Bouchra is the founder of AUrate. Inspired by a name-brand gold ring turning co-founder Sophie Kahn's finger green, the two decided to start AUrate New York, a jewelry company that would provide affordable, ethically sourced, high-quality gold. She is also a former Goldman Sachs IR Vol trader.

Saturday Schedule

Working schedule; listed here is a draft timeline for the day's events. New workshops and programming will be added soon! We're working with top professors in entrepreneurship to develop a life-changing curriculum.

8:00am - 8:40am Continental Breakfast

8:50am to 9:05am Opening Ceremonies

9:05am to 9:45am Opening Keynote

Andrew Yang, Venture for America

9:45am to 10:25am Recent Founders Panel

Genevieve Ryan, Brooks Powell, Danielle Cohen-Shohet, Bouchra Ezzahraoui

10:40am to 11:20am Split Keynotes

Mitchell Hashimoto and Angela Byun

11:30am to 12:00pm Keynote Address

Dan Levin, Box

12:00pm to 1:15pm Networking Luncheon

Classy yet informal networking lunch—students will mingle with speakers and ask open questions.

1:30pm to 2:15pm Built for Growth Leadership Workshop

Led by Mr. John Danner—Danner will illustrate and teach some of the frameworks and methodologies he employs when advising business leaders.

2:25pm to 3:35pm Breakout Sessions and Workshops

Will cover assorted topics including ideation, startup legal advising, peer leadership, startup case studies, and more.

3:45pm to 4:15pm Closing Panel

Student leaders in entrepreneurship

8pm to 10:30pm Semi-Formal Reception

The authentic Princeton Saturday night experience—complete with founder speed-friending, concept pitches, and a dance floor.

Friday and Sunday

Friday and Sunday will contain assorted networking events and festivities! A major part of Ivy Council events is building relationships between students across schools—and bringing people together who might otherwise never meet.

About the Ivy Leadership Summit 2017

This November 10-12, the Ivy Council is proud to present the 17th annual Ivy Leadership Summit (ILS) at Princeton University! ILS is a two-day conference that brings students together from the eight Ivy League universities (plus Stanford and MIT), along with leaders from the business, government, academic, and humanitarian sectors.

This year's theme is “Innovative Leadership” and will feature those thought leaders and action-drivers that continuously ideate, embrace creativity, explore frontiers, break boundaries, and inspire others to do the same. While there is no one formula for this type of innovative leadership, we hope that introducing delegates to the innovation methods (successfully and unsuccessfully) used by both startups and industry-driving companies will help them develop the capacity to capitalize on opportunities to lead and innovate.

The goals of the summit are two-fold: to provide students the opportunity to learn from people who have made their ideas a reality and the tools to re-invent the organizations they are a part of.


Past Ivy Leadership Summits

The Ivy Leadership Summit has been going on for 17 years now. Topics have ranged from global climate health to this year's entrepreneur-focused "innovative leadership." Below are the past 3 Ivy Council conferences.


Ivy Policy Conference XVI at Columbia


Ivy Leadership Summit XVI at Yale


Ivy Policy Conference XV at Penn


Only 100 admission passes are available non-Princeton students. If you are selected to attend ILS // XVII, you will receive access to panel discussions, presentations, and fire-side chats with leading entrepreneurs and successful CEO's—as well as a peer group of students and top quality leadership training that executives pay thousands for.

Admission to ILS // XVII is $39. This may be waived for students in special circumstances; please email This event IS open to graduate students.


$39 Admission
  • Access to All Conference Events
  • Speaker Networking Luncheon
  • Ivy-wide Semi-Formal
  • Weekend Hosting
  • Access to Ivy Entrepreneur Facebook
Paid only if you are accepted and attending!

Meet the Team

Planning for ILS XVII at Princeton is well underway—led by Dina Chotrani, the team has been working since January to put together the Ivy Council's greatest ILS yet.

Princeton 2018 Image

Dina Chotrani

Conference Director

Managed overall team, hiring, operations and strategy.



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Princeton 2018 Image

Daniel G. Wilson

Special Situations and Advisory

Contributed to direction, staffing, organization, and speaker recruitment.



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Princeton 2019 Image

Julia Zielczynska

Finance Director

Managed finance team and directed outreach and fundraising strategies.



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Princeton 2020 Image

Kevin Liu

Finance Chair

Spearheaded outreach to major brands and corporations.



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Princeton 2019 Image

Sophia Chen

Logistics Chair

Managed coordination of day-of events, setup, team member optimization, and scheduling.



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Princeton 2018 Image

Julia Shin

Marketing Director

Worked on marketing and visibility strategy to drive event awareness.



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Our Generous Partners

Several of Princeton's departments and institutions partnered with the Ivy Council to make ILS // XVII possible—it would not have happened without their help and support. Many fabulous brands and companies contributed as well, and the experience would not have been the same without them.