The Ivy Leadership Summit


The Ivy Leadership Summit (ILS) is an annual two-day conference hosted by the Ivy Council to bring together students from the eight Ivy League universities along with leaders from the business, government, academic, and humanitarian sectors. The conference is usually held in November and its location is rotated each year through the campuses of the Ivy League. The theme of this year’s conference is “Global Leadership and Cooperation”. Apply to attend ILS 2015 here.

The Ivy Leadership Summit was originally created to promote the exchange of ideas between students of the Ivy League and today’s leaders on subjects of public policy such as globalization, health care, and ethics. The first Summit was held at Yale University in 2000 on the topic of “Integrity and Ethics.” 80 participants were selected from a pool of applicants throughout the Ivy League. The main activities of the conference were keynote speakers, panels, and roundtable discussions. Since then, the Ivy Council has held six conferences each focusing on a differing policy topic. Past speakers have included Steve Forbes, Chairman and CEO of Forbes magazine; Nasreen Berwari, Iraqi Minister of Municipalities and General Works; Jeffrey Sachs, special adviser to the UN’s Millennium Development; Theodore Roosevelt IV, Managing Director at Lehman Brothers and prominent environmentalist; Judy Vredenburgh, President and CEO of Big Brothers Big Sisters; and Dov Zakheim, US Undersecretary of Defense.

Past Summits:

ILS XV (Fall 2014) – “The Duty of Higher Education” at Cornell University
ILS XIV (Fall 2013) – “The Digital Future” at Brown University
ILS XIII (Fall 2012) – “Catalyst for Change” at Dartmouth College
ILS XII (Spring 2012) – “The Ivy Lead” at Harvard University
ILS XI (Fall 2010) – “Advancing Leadership: Navigating the Post-Crash Climate” at Princeton University
ILS X (Spring 2010) – “Fearless Leadership in the 21st Century” at Yale University
ILS IX (2009) – “Leading in the Globalizing Community” at Brown University
ILS VIII (2008) – “Creating the Leader” at the University of Pennsylvania
ILS VII (2007) – “The Future of Energy: Analyzing the Problem and Debating Solutions” at Columbia University
ILS VI (2006) – “Free Trade, Free Press, Free Society: Leadership in the Age of Globalization” at Columbia University
ILS V (2005) – “Health, Economy, and the International Community” at Princeton University
ILS IV (2004) – “Responsibilities in a Globalized World” at Columbia University
ILS III (2003) – “American Ethics in Science & Medicine, Politics & Law, Media, and Business” at the University of Pennsylvania
ILS II (2001) – “Sharing the Torch: Leadership in the New Millennium” at Harvard University
ILS I (2000) – “Integrity and Ethics” at Yale University


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